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What makes a bank the best bank, well once the customer is happy with services, product, that may very well be the best bank, but to really assess the long term credibility of an offshore bank as a best bank there are some issues to consider. Take some time to familiarize yourself with this site and the goal is to provide unbiased advice on how to choose the best offshore bank.


Most individuals seeking an offshore bank account for private or commercial use seek a degree of privacy, some security and certainly safety of the financial assets and investments. A good but even better bank will be in jurisdiction where there is legislation advocating and supporting client’s privacy and the bank should have a history of maintaining such privacy. Despite the information required for account applications, once approved you should be assured by your offshore bank that your information will not be communicated to anyone, unless expressed by the clients.

Jurisdiction Stability The following two issues are directly related to many qualities of a best offshore bank, in that the bank must be established in a stable (political and economic) country therefore lower risk. No one would consider placing their money in a bank where political turmoil and unrest is possible.

Bank Stability - the banks should have a long history of successful banking. There should be strict governance, local regulations and a good administrative record.

Quality and efficient of customer care is an absolute must. That instructions acted upon immediately, request handled just as promptly. All concerns addressed, 24 hour access to accounts, consistent service on electronic banking, with no down time. In the context of private banking services, the concept of customer service should be expected to be a few notches up, where bank a representative or an account manager should be available to you at will, normally where short notice request will be handled and accepted, and banks tend to go out of their way for the clients who are normally of high net worth.

Competitive interest rates rates should be competitive, fixed and favorable for savings and loans conditions.

Reasonable Operating fees - such as account cost, transactions fees, capital investments are reasonable.

__Growth opportunity_ - can the jurisdiction and establishment keep up with modern trends, communication banking facilities, do they have the infrastructure to maintain and keep up with international trends in offshore banking?_

Bottom line, when looking for the best offshore bank, best to go for a bank with history of success, in a well known offshore financial center with strong legislation that work in your interest, and one in which your assets are protected through strict regulations that prevent financial solvency.

Underlying fact is that there are still many banks in the world that have been granted banks licenses and are mostly inexperience banking establishments that do not have the quality or quantity to conduct banking operations, and your money might be at risk, or . Exercise caution, seek professional advice, while recognizing that most banks have professional intermediary who are in place to build business for the banks, so please do your home work and necessary due diligence (a combinations of internet research, a few calls or emails to legal professionals in the jurisdictions) Make sure you get impartial advice and do some background checks on your own. Best Offshore Banks Have Criterion For The Best Offshore Bank Bests

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